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Littwitz Press founder Loreley Amiti formed her publishing house in 2016 by inviting 16 individual professionals to publish her own books. They each agreed to provide their services, which includes everything from editing to cover design, at affordable prices. Within a year, Loreley’s books had climbed up to the top of the Amazon charts in Germany, Italy and the UK. At an author conference in 2017, Loreley was approached by other authors who had followed her success on social media and asked if they could be published by Littwitz Press as well.

We are now a team of over 20 people who believe in the ideology of Littwitz Press where the author keeps 100% of his/her royalties and the author rights. We believe that only a happy author is able support the final product appropriately and give it the best shot. We work very closely with our authors and run every decision past him/her, but, of course, we will give professional advice or make suggestions in order to improve our chances on the market. Our simple rule is: “If you look good, we look good!”