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***Custom Book Cover Design by FrinaArt ***


AUTHOR, if you can't find the perfect pre-made cover, NOW I'm here to create a custom cover design for you. I'll work closely with you to make sure the cover will represent your book as best as possible.

  •  The price for an e-book cover will start at $200 and go up according to complexity. 
  • Please fill out the form to get a tailored quote : Custom Book Cover Design by FrinaART 2022

    Important: I don't get a deposit before starting work but if the author don't pay the cover in the end I have the right to sell it as a premade in my group. * ** ( If there are some specific element on it, I will remove before posting for sale )

    Thank you for supporting my work.

For further questions or information, please contact me: FrinaArt@gmail.com