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About me




Hi Authors!
My artist name is Frina. I'm a digital artist and I specialized in book cover design. 

I express myself by visualizing my thoughts, feelings and things that excite me. 
It's wonderful when my designs excite other people too. 
As a designer, my aim is to create an expressive book cover attracting reader's attention at first sight. 
The book has just a few seconds to make its critical first impression on potential buyers. 
So, you need an eye-catching cover design to help you sell your book- which is my goal. 

Over 1000 of my COVERS already grace BOOKS from all over the world... 
   Once a cover is sold it is never sold again.

To view more of my work and get an idea about my general style or to purchase premade covers, 
visit my My Gallery of Art. 
Pre-designed covers are a fast way to get a quality cover, 
but if you would like something with a more personal touch, I can also create a custom cover design for you. 
I will work closely with you to make
sure the cover will represent your book as best as possible. Contact me: FrinaArt@gmail.com